Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Just a couple of my projects

I have not been very good with keeping my blog up to date.  I will add a few of my latest projects and hope to be better at this blogging thing in the future :)

Thank you everyone for the reminders and for following me.  Hearts n Hugs!!!

the first card was one that I did for our youngest son and his wife for their anniversary.  Pardon the glare. I tried to crop it out and my computer was being hateful!  *sighs

This next card was done using some beautiful card candy made by my dear friend TruDee.  Thank you TruDee for your awesome shares.
I used GKD heavyweight cardstock, corrugated paper and some jute ribbon

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  1. They're both lovely. I know your son and DIL will both love the card. I have this thing lately for corrugated so I have to say that I LOVE that card!


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